Faculty and Researchers

Dr Marie Auger-Méthé
Dr David Rosen
Dr Andrew W. Trites

Adjunct Professors
Dr  John Ford
Dr Jane Watson
Dr  Marty Haulena
Dr  Stephen Raverty

Students &  Research Questions

PhD Candidates 

Benjamin Nelson
Multi-species modeling of predator/prey interactions between pinnipeds and Pacific salmon in the Strait of Georgia.

Rhea  Storlund
Exploring how pinniped cardiovascular anatomy and physiology relates to diving ability


Ron Togunov
Looking at the foraging patterns of Arctic marine mammals in stochastic and changing environments. How habitat variability and anthropogenic climate change affect the foraging efficiency of beluga whales, narwhals, and polar bears.

MSc Students

Julia Adelsheim – MSc
Sea otter bioenergetics; foraging costs and energy use tradeoffs; effects of prey availability on sea otter energy balance


rheaSelina Agbayani – MSc IRES
Modelling gray whale migration routes and foraging habitat in the face of climate change


Kate Colson – MSc
Estimating prey requirements of the Pacific Coast Feeding Group of grey whales in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia waters


 Josh McInnes – MSc
Determining the Ecology and Community Structure of West Coast Transient Killer Whales in the Northeastern Pacific


Ana Pozas – MSc
The Role of Diet Quality on Divergent Population Trends of California Sea Lions (Zalophus californianus) in Mexico and the USA


Taryn Scarff – MSc
Transient killer whale presence and prey consumption in the inside waters of Vancouver Island



Research Assistants
Brianna Cairns
Johanna Fee
Rob Marshall

Administration & Support
Pamela Rosenbaum
Renee La Roi


Over thirty students have graduated since 1996.  Click on alumni to see our list of graduates and their research.