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A Window into the Lives of Resident Killer Whales

This summer, a team of researchers from the University of British Columbia, together with the Hakai Institute, set out to determine how fish-eating killer whales find their food, and whether there is a shortage of Chinook salmon available to killer whales in the Salish Sea.  Here is a peek into what the researchers saw.

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From the Lab

It’s a drag wearing a tag

What impacts do tracking tags have on the behavior and swimming costs of marine mammals?  <see full story>


Reference ranges and age-related and diving exercise effects on hematology and serum chemistry of female Steller sea lions (Eumetopias jubatus).
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Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 49(1):18-29.

Telemetry tags increase the costs of swimming in northern fur seals, Callorhinus ursinus.
Rosen, D. A. S., C. D. Gerlinsky and A. W. Trites. 2018.
Marine Mammal Science 34 (2):385-402. doi:10.1111/mms.12460

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