August 2017 – This Just In

August 2017 – This Just In
Marine Mammal Research Unit

7 new publications…

[webref_pretty title=”Accelerometers can measure total and activity-specific energy expenditure in free-ranging marine mammals only if linked to time-activity budgets”]

[webref_pretty title=”Reproductive success is energetically linked to foraging efficiency in Antarctic fur seals”]

[webref_pretty title=”Activity-specific metabolic rates for diving, transiting and resting at sea can be estimated from time-activity budgets in free-ranging marine mammals”]

[webref_pretty title=”Physiological constraints and energetic costs of diving behaviour in marine mammals: a review of studies using trained Steller sea lions diving in the open ocean”]

[webref_pretty title=”Bayesian data fusion approaches to predicting spatial tracks: application to marine mammals”]

[webref_pretty title=”Transiting to depth disrupts the relationship between overall dynamic body acceleration and oxygen consumption in freely diving Steller sea lions”]

[webref_pretty title=”Bottom time does not always predict prey encounter rate in Antarctic fur seals”]