Mei Sato

Former Research Associate

Tel: 604.822.9111
Fax: 604.822.8180

Research Interests: Biological-physical interactions, Predator-prey interactions

Education: BSc Aquatic Biosciences (Tokyo University of Fisheries); MSc Oceanography (University of Maine); PhD Oceanography (University of Victoria)

Curriculum Vitae (download)


My research focuses on responses of marine animal behaviour to biological and physical forcing across a range of temporal and spatial scales. Simultaneous quantification of biological and physical properties of the ocean is key to understanding the behavior of marine organisms. I am particularly interested in small-scale variability behaviour, distributions, and predator-prey interactions of fish and zooplankton communities – and how this drives population and ecosystem dynamics. In order to address problems across a range of temporal/spatial scales, I use hydroacoustics in different platforms (vessels, moorings, cabled observatories) combined with net sampling and physical measurements.

Current and Recent Projects: Predator-prey interactions between killer whales and Chinook salmon


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