Assistant Professor

Education: BSc Honours (Dalhousie University); MSc (Dalhousie University); PhD (University of Alberta)

Research Interests: Developing and applying statistical tools to understand the behaviour, space use, and population dynamics of marine species


Professional Credentials:

Assistant Professor UBC Institute for the Oceans & Fisheries
Assistant Professor UBC Dept. of Statistics
Associate Member UBC Dept. of Zoology
Associate Editor Journal of Animal Ecology
Associate Editor Methods in Ecology & Evolution

Research: Most of my current work involves developing statistical models to analyze movement data and applying them to understand animal behaviour. I am mostly interested in marine and polar species (e.g. narwhals and polar bears), but the methods I develops are usually applicable to a wide range of species and ecosystems. Much of my work is motivated by conservation questions, and I am particularly interested in using space-use data to help inform the management and conservation of marine species.

Graduate Student Opportunities: I accept graduate students through the Department of Statistics ( and the Department of Zoology ( I’m generally looking for students with a strong quantitative background, or at the very least, with the strong motivation to learn advanced statistical methods.

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