Into the Field

Bowhead rubbing

Sometimes the coolest things happen, when you least expect it. <see full story>

From the Lab

It’s a drag wearing a tag

What impacts do tracking tags have on the behavior and swimming costs of marine mammals?  <see full story>

Science Outreach

Marine mammalogists share their latest findings

A full house gathered in a hockey rink in eastern Canada as the pinniped scientists took on the cetacean scientists.<see full story>

Science Inreach

Workshop held on the availability of prey for southern resident killer whales

What can be done to make more salmon available to southern resident killer whales? <see full story>

This Just In

7 new publications…

Molting bowhead whales, northern fur seal diets, killer whale foraging behavior, measuring stroke rates of sea lions and fur seals, and more … <see full story>

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