Marine Mammal Research Newsletter   |  August 2017 (Issue 16)

Marine Mammal Research Newsletter   |  August 2017 (Issue 16)
Marine Mammal Research Unit

Into the Field

Harbour seals prey on salmon smolts

Biologging tags reveal specialist-feeding behaviors by seals that have implications for conservation of salmon
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From the Lab

How fat is that sea lion?

Estimating the body condition of Steller sea lions may be as simple as pushing a button
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Off the Bench

Steller sea lions as power generators

High school student finds heat given off by Steller sea lions can be used to recharge data loggers
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Science Outreach

21st Annual meeting of the Northwest Student Chapter of Marine Mammalogy

Nearly 60 people from BC, Washington and Oregon came to discuss their marine mammal research and latest findings
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This Just In

7 new publications…

Energy expenditure & reproductive success of fur seals, physiological constraints faced by Steller sea lions, reconstructing swimming paths of seals, Dynamic Body Acceleration to estimate cost of swimming, and determining prey encounter rates.
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Crunching the Numbers

Stroke Signals

Counting flipper strokes to estimate numbers of calories burned
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