Faculty and Researchers

Dr Andrew W. Trites
Dr Marie Auger-Méthé

Research Associates
Dr David Rosen
Dr Mei Sato

Adjunct Professors
Dr. John Ford
Dr. Jane Watson
Dr. Marty Haulena
Dr. Stephen Raverty
Dr. Michael Grigg

Students &  Research Questions

Post Doctoral Fellows

Jérôme Spitz


PhD Candidates

Sarah Fortune
How adaptable are bowhead and North Atlantic right whales to environmental change?

Katie Haman
Land-to-sea flow of terrestrially sourced parasites impact marine mammal health in coastal ecosystems.


Benjamin Nelson
Multi-species modeling of predator/prey interactions between pinnipeds and Pacific salmon in the Strait of Georgia.


Rachel Neuenhoff
Using a multispecies population dynamics model approach to determine to what extent gray seal predation impacts Atlantic cod fishery recovery.  Also, I’ll be exploring management options that mitigate predation effect

Ron Togunov
Looking at the foraging patterns of Arctic marine mammals in stochastic and changing environments. How habitat variability and anthropogenic climate change affect the foraging efficiency of beluga whales, narwhals, and polar bears.


MSc Students

rheaSelina Agbayani – MSc IRES
Modelling gray whale migration routes and foraging habitat in the face of climate change


image4Aaron Purdy
Ecological physiology, animal behaviour and physiology, conservation biology



Zach Scherker – MSc MMRU
Opportunistic foragers (brown trout, sculpins, common mergansers, North American river otters, American mink, and Pacific harbour seals) are suspected of preying on juvenile salmon in rivers and estuaries—and may account for critical low numbers of Chinook salmon in British Columbia.

Rhea  Storlund – MSc MMRU
Exploring how pinniped cardiovascular anatomy and physiology relates to diving ability




Alesandra Gentile
Casey Chiu
Cody Carlyle
Brianna Wright


Research Assistants
Rebecca Barrick
Rob Marshall

Administration & Support
Pamela Rosenbaum
Renee La Roi


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